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About Us

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We believe that small things can change the world…

In 1991, Cape Mohair started out small, making socks from a combination of mohair, wool and a lot of love. As the market grew, so did we. By making socks using other fibres including bamboo, cotton and adapting to people’s ever-changing lifestyles, we created a range of the most advanced socks on the market! We may have grown a lot over the years, but we’ll never lose sight of our small company ethos. We are still determined to bring you a sock that’s not only technologically advanced, but also creates jobs, maintains rural livelihoods and treads lightly on the earth.

We are fiercely ethical from the start of the mohair chain – this begins at our very own angora farm in the Western Cape, where we monitor the health and care of each of our animals, many of which have their own names (and personalities to go with them.) We follow the strict Sustainable Mohair Industry production guidelines which regulates our shearing practices and our animals are not harmed during any shearing process. 

Our company makes socks for real people, with real passions. They’ll take you places hiking to the top of mountains, into underground diamond mines, across finish lines, onto cat walks, or just snuggling in bed on a wintry morning. And because we started out using only mohair we used Mohair in our name. But we also make socks without mohair – from cotton school socks to football socks and corporate logo socks.

However, we’re still proud to be the biggest mohair sock manufacturer in the world. Over the years, through experimentation, wearer trials and our state of the art machinery, we’ve developed our own knowledge capital of the technical processes and fibre capabilities in working with mohair. Our unique blend of Mohair and wool gives our socks excellent capillary capability which naturally wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping it dry, comfortable, and odour-resistant even in the most demanding of activities.

After mastering the art of knitting, we established the Cape Mohair blanket factory founded  in the sleepy coastal town of Plettenberg Bay and expanded into weaving.  And with our extensive knowledge of the natural fibres mohair and merino wool, we’re proud to have developed South Africa’s most loved and trusted mohair blanket brand, bringing Cape Mohair not only onto feet but also into the homes of many happy customers.

As a company, we’re passionate about experimenting, developing and expanding our ranges. And while we continue to reach new heights in quality and innovation, our feet remain firmly on the ground, always welcoming suggestions and feedback from our loyal customers.

Remember, if there’s no Cape Mohair logo, there’s no Cape Mohair seal of quality.


So many reasons to love mohair…

Mohair loves your feet

Mohair is a miracle therapeutic fibre that, due to its capillary capability is antibacterial, resists blister-sand odour by wicking moisture away from the foot. (Which is why it is loved by diabetic sufferers)

Mohair loves our planet

Biodegradable and sourced from a sustainable South African supply, mohair is 100% natural fibre, helping to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Mohair loves job creation

A labour-intensive process, the production of mohair provides many South African jobs, especially in rural areas where it’s needed most.

Mohair loves working hard underground

Mohair is flame retardant which makes it ideal for use in industrial socks, from mines to municipalities.

Mohair loves other natural fibres

Wool, cotton and bamboo combine beautifully with mohair to create a multifunctional and multi-beneficial product. For athletes, hikers, grandpas, diabetic sufferers, kiddies, fashionistas and nature lovers, Cape Mohair has created a sock for every member of the family. Find out more about our extensive range.

Mohair loves saving electricity

Especially in winter, insulating mohair throws and blankets keep you snug as a bug, with no need to reach for electric heating!